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英国J&E HALL(APV)单螺旋式冷冻压缩机、维修零件供应,维修技支援。
~2015:参与研发团队生产制造自有品牌高品质高效省电型《HOSIN CHILLER》冰水主机产品包括: .微电脑科技高效省电型螺旋式及离心式冰水主机,满液式螺旋式冰水主机.微电脑科技高效率省电型气冷双冷却式冰水主机.及空调箱/冷风机.专业专供外销市场机型.

这期间.研发成功HOSIN 3G Series / 3 Green Wind Solar LED Street Light.

绿能减碳产品三绿路灯.结合高阶高效率流体工学涡轮机风力发电机与太阳能成为风光互补型能源机械.再进阶淤与LED造型路灯结合成为兼具美学.光学与力学的三合一绿能精品《三绿路灯》(3G Street Light).并开发外销中东市场.


HOSIN engineering company established and started the business from 1981 year. The main business of HOSIN is being to act the Exclusive agent of the world famous in the Taiwan & some Far East area.
Especially in the field of the energy saving system equipment.
HOSIN also act as the exporter of the excellent products & components of Thermodynamic/Fluid Dynamic such as Air conditioner/chiller/Refrigerator with the superiority maker in this area.
HOSIN has been collected long term superiority experience and prepares to provide the best quality service of equipment & engineering to the customer.
During the year of 1990.HOSIN introduce the Air cooled & split system Air conditioner products of USA BARD & GOODMAN Mfg. BARD company has had more than years in the America. Bard is the leader in the house use split unit Air conditioner field in the USA. It is also the starting year of Air cooled split system Air conditioner in the Taiwan market.
Early in the year of 1993.HOSIN agent the screw compressor and Blower/Fan of HOWDEN Groups. UK. It is the most famous first manufacturer of Twin screw compressor in the world. Her manufacturing history has been more than 30 years. On the year of 1996.HOSIN start
the sales corporation in the Taiwan market for J&E HALL (i.e. APV HALL)
single screw compressor products. APV HALL is the Number one superiority single screw compressor manufacturer in the world. APV HALL has it's specially unique advantage on the feature of single shaft screw compressor, for energy saving and utility.
During the year of 1999~2004..HOSIN moves it's critical important step to make a sales corporation "EXCLUSIVE AGENT" of BUMYANG PAN OCEAN
groups(KOREA) products for its Various HVAC products. BUMYANG PAN OCEAN groups (KOREA).Including three main branch sub-companies. I.E. BUMYANG UNICOLD COMPANY.BUMYANG A/C
BUMYANG groups product including all kind of Air conditioning/Refrigeration/Ventilation. Such as: split type packaged A/C. Water cooled packaged A/C. Water cooled/Air cooled chiller of screw type & Reciprocation type. Centrifugal chiller. Absorption chiller. Cooling Tower. Fan coil unit. AHU. All kind Blower & Fan, Tunnel Axial Fan & Jet Fan.
  2000~2015--High energy saving products and Green Energy products. HOSIN success developed & produced high energy efficiency products with the joint venture partner      and export to the international market as:
1).HOSIN Brand products
—Excellent Chillers products including: Extra high energy efficiency water cooled Screw Water Chiller & Centrifugal Chiller. Flooded type. Vary- 
  Frequency type power consumption rate down to 0.45Kw/Ton, EER up to
 4.51~5.36.;High energy efficiency water cooled Screw Water Chiller. EER up to 4.00~4.41.;High      energy efficiency Air cooled Water Chiller. EER up to 3.15

2).HOSIN Brand products--Wind turbine generator plus Solar energy plus LED light for street light. That is 3 Green Street Light. The Wind Power Generator products sized 
  capacity from 300W to 5 KW. With high performance & high reliability & zero running cost.

3) 2013 ~2021 year New developed products:
  A). High efficiency AXIAL FLOW Turbine/Fan(Blower).Energy (Electrical Power Fee) saving at least 15% guarantee. Make money easy by down running cost.
  B-1). Consultant for Waste Energy Converting System: The most advanced environmental system for the combined waste of Living waste &. Hospital waste etc.

  B-2).Consultant for Re-Generation Energy Generator Power Station system.

 C).Now we want to appoint the Authorized Agent/ Distributor for corporation in the global overseas market such as South-East Asia .Middle-East etc. area.
    For the requirement of the international market. HOSIN established customer Service & R&D Center in the Taoyuan City, Taiwan. Be looking forward to the 21th century. 
    Now HOSIN is going to the international market with the marvelous products, Experience skillful technology and satisfactory customer service.

After Service & Spare Parts Business:

Spare Parts Service Center (TAIWAN). Service for: APV Hall (J&E Hall) Single Screw Compressor Sales/Service Spare Parts.
/Chiller After Service: Spare Parts & Refrigerant oil.
HOWDEN Twin Screw Compressor Sales/Service Spare Parts.
/Chiller After Service: Spare Parts & Refrigerant oil. HOSIN Chiller & all other products /Service Spare Parts.
/Chiller After Service: Spare Parts & Refrigerant oil.
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International Division: 3F., No.102, Lane 80, Wen Lin North Rd.,Taipei City 11287, Taiwan(ROC).
Head Office:
Add: 7F. No.374, Sec. 2, Bade Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105, Taiwan(ROC).
Tel: 886-2-28279993
Fax: 886-2-28216862
E-mail: hoosin@ms35.hinet.net / lloydhoosin@yahoo.com.tw
Web site: www.hosin.mymailer.com.tw
Contact us: (Taiwan) :+886-( 0)0980998298. (0)922784480. (0)922308796.

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英文名称:和欣 HOSIN
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